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SQL Tabs

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SQL statement tabs

These six tabs are the core interface of the data holding the SQL statements.
Each tab and it's statement are executed individually as focused.




Line number / Word wrap

SQL statements may be displayed either not wrapped with lines possibly extending past the current application window border, or using word wrap adapting to the current scale of the application window.

Displaying logical line number and position is dependent of a non wrapped display.

Though word wrap display may be convenient, solving SQL execution errors according to the SQL execution error message will depend on the logical line numbers and horizontal positions thus depending on non wrapped statement display.

Inserting correlation names

If querying multiple tables have some field names in common, the SQL field names must be prefixed with their table names or table correlation names to identify which of the equally named fields to be queried.
If doing a "quick-and-dirty" JOINed SELECT - see Tables and Fields List.

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