Tables and Fields Lists

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Tables and Fields Lists

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Tables list and Fields list

The Tables List displays the tables of the current open database.
After some (complex) SQL executions, you may have to press the F5 key to update the list in event of tables added/deleted via an executed SQL statement.
The Fields List synchronize the table focused from the Tables List.
Hiding the Tables List (uncheck [  ] Tables list) may be convenient for clean display or screen prints.

Table view / Deleting tables

As well as displaying tables via SQL, tables can at any time be retrieved in plain Table View by double-clicking any table from the Tables List.
This will retrieve the table in a non-filtered and non sorted editable state displayed in the output grid below.

This also enables deleting tables without need of any SQL.

Table view / Table name SQL Insertion

By default Double-click on a table will call the Table View and Ctrl-double-click will insert the table name in the focused SQL at the insertion point.
The functionality of the Tables List Double-click vs. Ctrl-double-click may be reversed via the Options Menu if desired.

Field names SQL insertion

Double-click on any field name from the Fields List will always insert the clicked field name in the SQL statement at the insertion point irrespective of co-pressing the Ctrl-key or not.

Insert correlation names

If doing a "quick-and-dirty" JOINed SELECT the table correlation names may be inserted automatically using their numbered position on the Tables List as their temporary correlation names.
This however may not be the method of choice for stored statements.
For stored statements one should use more explanatory correlation names to prevent reading or editing errors.

See also SQL Tabs.

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