SQLite LiteDAC vs. FireDAC

The sample SQL scripts

LiteDAC test application

Update: 2024-05-19
This is a crude SQLite experimental application exploring the features and potentials of SQLite
as implemented with Devart LiteDAC Professional v.6.2.1 and Embarcadero Delphi 10.4.2 Professional.

Until May 15th, 2024 this has been developed in parallel with the comparable FireDAC version.

The application is in a phase of development and is free to download without any responsibility of the author.
Experiments are mainly about how to deal with data typings on the fly.
Optional UNICODE.
The statements of each SQL-tab are stored from session to session in individual UTF-8 encoded text files named <app-name>n.sql according to the SQL-tab number.

Download: LiteDACtest.zip (vers. + chinook.db3 sample db).
Specifications: 64-bit Windows application.
LiteDAC version used: v. 6.2.1 professional.
OS: 64- bit Windows including Windows 10 & 11.
DLL linkage mode via INI-file:
[SQLite] DLLembedded = 0 mode: 64-bit sqlite3.dll located in the exe directory
[SQLite] DLLembedded = 1 mode: (embedded mode) = no dependencies at all.

Application design fixed data type MapRules by column names (case insensitive):


See also the Help menu [MapRules].

Transaction responsive state (added with LiteDAC 6.2 of 2024-04-23):

Best Regards,
Niels Knabe