WideChar/WideString Sort Order

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WideChar/WideString Sort Order

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Controlling sort behaviour with some languages

By default the Absolute Database system uses the current system language setting as basis for the character/string sorting order.

As some languages treats some character pairs as if they were single characters when sorting.
E.g. in Danish double a (aa) is sorted equivalent the very last letter å in the Danish alphabet.
Similarly some other languages/countries have specific sorting order for some character pairs, which may be quite unpredictable across languages.

Having some alpha-numeric inventory part numbers as e.g.:

Part number



Jet Engine A-25


Jet Engine AA-26


Jet Engine AB-26


Jet Engine Spare Part MR-12

it would be highly irrelevant having the JE-AA26 sorted as one of the last items in a Danish system setup just because of the juxtapositioned double a (AA) in the inventory number.

Use General (language) Sort Order on WideChar/WideString Fields

So, for technical language independent sorting using WIDECHAR or WIDESTRING field types, this kind of field may be applied some other sorting than the non WIDE-type fields by selecting [Use General (language) Sort Order ...].

As a standard AbsoluteSQL offers the WIDECHAR/WIDESTRING field types to be sorted according to standard UK English sort order to solve this need for technical character-to-character sort order.

If you have any special need for some other than English non-locale sort order, this may be set in the application INI-file by setting the desired alternative sort order by it's language hexadecimal code value.
For example if you need a Dutch sort order as an alternative to your current non-Dutch system setting, this may be added to the INI-file:


hexSQLWideStringLCID = $0413

Se also Installation/Settings.

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