Text Import Errors

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Text Import Errors

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Errors on Delimited Text Import

As data types in text data files are all converted into plain text, import is strictly dependent on text representation af data types are convertible into specific data types, as well as the source file having a proper structure for every line and record.

Some of the typical errors may be improper use of the double quote field qualifyer as solitary double quote inside text fields, where as double quotes inside fields in delimited text files should always be paired as juxta positioned double quotes ("") as in:

field text including a ""quoted"" word

Used otherwise the double quotes may interfere with the reading of record structure.


Also field counts in the individual record outnumbering the field count of the import defininition will raise import error of the specific record.
However missing trailing fields in record lines will be interpreted as the expected fields having zero data (NULL "values").

Other typical errors are e.g. text dates not convertible to proper dates or non numeric text not convertible to numeric data types.


Do use the source file line number to check and correct for errors in the source file and re-import the data.

If the date format of the source file is not the universal ISO format but e.g. the US-format MM/DD/YYYY and your system setting uses the DD/MM/YYYY format, you may need to temporarily change the date format of your system setting from DD/MM/YYYY into MM/DD/YYYY or vice versa as well as for the decimal point character before getting a proper text to data import.

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