SQL Transactions

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SQL Transactions

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Grouped reversible updates

Using transaction when updating data is a feature enabling the user to check results of update procedures before either doing a rollback or confirming.
Transactions ensures that execution of SQL statements as well as SQL scripts may be rolled back, even in case of execution error or regretable updates in just one of the SQL statements.

Transactions are relevant only to SQL statements adding/updating/deleting contents of the database.

When preceding updates or a group of update procedures by a START TRANSACTION, the updates are not

either consolidated until the transaction is terminated by the command COMMIT

or abolished/reverted until terminating the transaction by a ROLLBACK command.

View before confirm/revert

If the updating statements (INSERT INTO Table/UPDATE Table/DELETE FROM Table) after the START TRANSACTION is followed by a resulting SELECT statement, the resulting but not yet consolidated data may be viewed before confirming with a COMMIT.

Rows affected

See SQL menu:
Show Number of Rows Affected (transactions terminated with COMMIT)

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