SQL Auto Conversions

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SQL Auto Conversions

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Auto character conversions

Hard spaces may be needed when white space formatting HTML text to obtain indents or other formatting using multiple spaces, as multiple adjacent standard space characters in HTML are otherwise disregarded and auto converted into one single standard space.
As hard spaces are per se indistinguishable from standard spaces, these may as well be transferred by text copied from HTML text sources needing conversion to be compatible with SQL formatting.

Also, some word processors may by default within certain contexts convert standard dashes (-) into the slightly longer en-dashes (–), which will conflict with SQL if positioned as minus characters.
As these en-dashes may pass almost unnoticed, they may easily be transferred when copying SQL statements from text sources.

Except when within comments or quoted names, en-dashes must be converted into standard dashes to function as numeric symbols.

When hard spaces and en-dashes are part of field names or SQL-searched text contents, auto conversion will need to be deselected.

Preserving displayed and saved formatting

Auto conversion for SQL is effective only when executing the statements, and is selected from the SQL menu not affecting the typed/saved statements.

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