Memo Fields

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Memo Fields

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Memo/FmtMemo fields

Memo and FormattedMemo (FmtMemo) fields are data wise essentially equivalent, though targeted for non-formatted plain text and for RTF-formatted text.
However, as some data base systems do not include the FmtMemo data type, plain Memo fields may actually contain RTF formatted text just as well, as the RTF code is actually itself plain text.

The difference between Memo fields and plain text/string fields is the non-fixed large and variable size of the Memo fields that technically are often stored in separate linked binary objects just like storing other (large binary) objects.

Editing/importing/exporting Memo and FmtMemo

To access editing as well as cell focused importing/exporting Memo data, just double click the data grid cell to open the Memo editor dialog.


The Tabs setting selectors are for ad hoc display only, as the stored tabs will not be affected.

Plain text Memo may be converted into RTF formatted text, but use this feature only carefully, as other databases later receiving these data may not readily convert RTF codes into easily read formatted text except if having the FmtMemo field types available, or (as the AbsoluteSQL) having as special RTF reader/converter available.

The formatting tools are displayed only if Memo contents has the RTF formatting codes.

However, Memo data, also if RTF formatted, may at any time easily be read by any word processor if exported as individual Memo-cell contents files.


For the specialized FmtMemo type field, the FmtMemo editor will always display all the formatting tools.

For this specialized field, RTF codes are always part of the field contents.

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