INI Further Settings & Data

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INI Further Settings & Data

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Some further AbsoluteSQL configurations


;* Initialization (INI-)file for AbsoluteSQL.exe *

;*      Copyright © 2011-2024, Niels Knabe       *


;Lines preceded by semicolon are currently inactive



; etc. ...



MemoDBGridMarker = "• "
MemoDBGridCharsDisplay = 8



SampleLinesDisplay =15



UsePdxMasterPassword =0


Some of the section/keys are not auto created and have to be added manually if needed.

For the Help system configuration - see INI and the Help System.

The MemoDBGridMarker example specifies a bullet dot (Alt-0149) and a single space is inserted in front of the plain text displayed in the universal data table grid. This may ease visualising which cells are Memo fields in contrast to plain character/string fields. However, any prefixing character may be specified (e.g. "_") and even specified to be blank (i.e. no prefix).
The MemoDBGridCharsDisplay value specifies how many characters of the Memo data should be displayed in the DBGrid. Available figures are from 6 to 50, default is 8. The characters in the DBGrid are followed by trailing ellipses (…) to indicate further text in the Memo editor.

The SampleLinesDisplay specifies the number of lines from the imported delimited text to display in the upper panel of the delimited text import window. As a default the lines displayed are 15.

The UsePdxMasterPassword specifies, if a possible password prompt from password secured Paradox source tables should be bypassed using an internal universal Paradox master password - default setting is = 0 (i.e.: False).
Utilising this option may seem as a violation of intended protection, but is offered as an option, as the Paradox protection is any way as weak to be considered almost illusory, and for a practical purpose only as a very low level protection against inadvertent modifications of data meant to be protected.
However, do use this option respectfully!

If you need some sorting alternative to your current system locale setting other than English, this may be specified adding the identifier (LCID) of the desired language/region to the INI-file as for example:


;Dutch sorting order:

hexSQLWideStringLCID = $0413




;French Canada sorting order:

hexSQLWideStringLCID = $0C0C



Data storage by user

After each time closing the application, a number of per user data are stored in the INI file under a section named by the current Windows [user name]. Do not mingle these data except possibly deleting them, if necessary.
If used from a removable device, the 'user name' will be [REMOVABLE] not relating to the current system user name.

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