Importing Delimited Text

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Importing Delimited Text

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Import tables via delimited text

This is the universal import tools to receive data from other database systems.

The delimited text import has however some limitations:

not importing graphics

not importing attached binary objects

not importing binary fields

field of types BYTES and VARBYTES may be imported from spaced or non-spaced hexadecimal strings (e.g. '45 2F A0' vs '452FA0').

However on an individual table cell level, the AbsoluteSQL can both import and export both graphics and attached binary objects
- see Binary Fields.

Table structure specification via Schema files (*.sch)

As text/csv files do not carry data types information, importing data from text files is often based on structure specification via an accompanying text based Schema file - often of the same name as the text data file, but with a *.sch extension.
Please see Schema Files.

See also Export, DBGrid Contents to CSV.

Hard Spaces preserve

For special purposes leading and trailing text field hard spaces (Chr #0160) may be selected to be preserved.
However, the default recommendation is OFF. See also Import Data Type Issues.

Hard spaces are otherwise mostly for use inside text preventing floating text wraps around certain spaces - i.e. in Memo type texts.

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