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Grid Contents to CSV

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Data grid contents to delimited text export

Choosing this the contents of the dataset source of the data grid will export to some delimited text file using the field separator of choice and user selected file name and location.

If choosing any of the Unicode (UTF-8 or UNICODE) character encodings the exported file will be Byte Order Marked (BOM) to ensure proper character set interpretation when imported with some other application.
If targeting export for some older and not fully Unicode compliant destination programs, you may select the Windows Default or Windows 1252 Western to ensure backwards compatibility.

Memo/FmtMemo line break conversion

As Memo and FmtMemo (Formatted Memo) fields often contain line break characters (#13#10 or just #10) these by delimited text export always will be converted into the <br> tag to comply with the one line per record nature of the delimited text data format. This way multi line memos will fit the single per record format.

Field types not included in text export

As Graphics as well as attached binary objects (BLOB) and binary fields (BYTES and VARBYTES) are not exported, these fields if non-empty, will be marked in the exported table with the substituting tag text <Graphic>, <Blob>, <Bytes> and <VarBytes> respectively.

Pecifying structure of exported table via Schema file

See Schema Files.

See also menu File \ Import \ From Delimited Text File.

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