Binary Object Fields

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Binary Object Fields

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BLOB for fields for Binary Large Objects

This field may contain any type of binary data - even receiving external plain text files.


Due to the versatile nature of this field type, the editor is very basic, and does not register the nature of the contained data nor storing the name of the file imported.

It is thus highly recommended pairing this type of field with some plain text field to hold the name and type of the file imported to be able to meaningful exporting the data into a working file.

Import/export is only available through this per cell opened import/export editor.

Graphics in BLOB fields

If for some reason graphics/images have been stored in the Blob type fields, the Graphics popup dialog may be forcibly chosen by pressing the Ctrl-key while double clicking the Blob cell. If failing due to preexisting non-graphic Blob contents or some unrecognized graphic format, it will switch to the regular Blob dialog.

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