Binary Fields

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Binary Fields

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Binary fields special issues

Basically binary fields are not displayed in a standard data table grid and are of the data types:

Memo - large plain text fields - see Memo Fields.

FmtMemo - RTF formatted large text fields - see Memo Fields.

Graphic - fields containing various types of graphics/photos, actually a specialized kind of BLOB field - see Graphic Fields.

BLOB - Binary Large Object fields containing e.g. imported documents, sound recording, videos and others - see Binary Object Fields.

BYTES and VARBYTES - limited size binary data kept in the data table proper (vs. the other binaries above) - however, editing  not supported in the current AbsoluteSQL application.

As a special adaptation the AbsoluteSQL displays some of the MEMO text as plain text in the standard data table grid to ease overview also for the MEMO fields contents.


Except for the MEMO and FMTMEMO fields binaries are not exported or imported via the general text import and export.

For import/export of binaries - see the individual binary field properties.

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