Database Utilities

for databases based on Borland Database Engine (BDE)

BDE (Borland Database Engine) is the common database connection for databases using Paradox and dBase data files.
Though generally considered deprecated BDE is still widely used with databases based as above, and BDE is still used with the currently marketed dBase Plus from
The BDE is thus still supporting a large community of dBase/xBase and Paradox databases.

As the Borland Paradox 7 and Borland Database Desktop after the most recent Windows updates (Windows 7 & Windows 10) may not be running properly, and if you are dealing with either dBase/xBase or Paradox databases you might benefit from some of the tools below, all of which are compatible also with Windows 7, 32- & 64-bit as well as Windows 10.

Need to keep the dBase and Paradox table formats or ready for the next level?
You should benefit from the features of the PdxEditor - please look up the comparative feature matrix.
If you are working only with dBase tables you maybe will be better off using the dedicated current dBase Plus application from
If you are free to move data to the next level - do try the zero maintenance AbsoluteSQLconsole database.

PdxEditor (for Paradox and dBase tables)

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Single exe file for 32- and 64-bit Windows.
Largely a Borland Database Desktop replacement, this Paradox and dBase/xBase table editor and analyzer lets you read, edit and extract combined and calculated data from any Paradox and dBase/xBase tables as well as rename and resize fields, and for Paradox also to modify table language drivers. Other table modifications within the scope of associated SQL query language (Borland Local SQL).
To enable this application to store data locally (tables and SQL statements) you should install/locate the exe off the C:\Program Files directory.
Help on Local SQL is recommended to be installed in a .\Help subdirectory relative to the program's location.
Basic Excel & CSV export as well as universal CSV import.
Bugfix: Error loading MIDAS.dll on certain computers solved (Dec. 31 2018).

Feature matrix -Compared to Database Desktop.
Dependencies: uses Borland Database Engine (BDE).
OS: Windows incl. Windows 10, 32- and 64-bit.

Download, freeware (no restrictions, no limits, no adds): (31.12.2018)
unpack, drop and run from anywhere (except in C:\Program Files).
Associated Local SQL help:

BDE Local SQL WebHelp recompilation

Compatible with any standard browser.
As the original Borland Local SQL manual has been available in the obsolete WinHelp format only, not compatible with Windows 10, this has been recompiled into the more modern OS independent WebHelp format needing only a standard browser to display.
Recompilation is independent and of no responsibility of the original issuers Borland/Inprise Corporation.

View: Local SQL WebHelp documentation
Download for offline use:
For use with PdxEditor: unpack in .\Help subdirectory.

Is BDE installed?

Single exe file for 32- and 64-bit Windows.
To test if your PC has Borland Database Engine at all and if it is correctly configured.

unpack, drop and run from anywhere.

BDE configurator

Single exe file for 32- and 64-bit Windows.
For the general adaption of BDE to be used with Windows after Windows XP the settings file (usually IDAPI32.cfg) should be stored outside the C:\Program Files and the C:\ root directories.
You may choose e.g. "C:\Data\BDE\Config" once and for all.
Using Paradox/paradox files after Windows XP you should likewise change the standard location of the Paradox NetFile directory (NET DIR) to be located outside the C:\Program Files and C:\ root directories.
Paradox NET DIR location is accessed via the BDE Administrator (Windows Control Panel: BDE Administrator\ Configuration\ Driver\ Native\ Paradox).
You may choose e.g. "C:\Data\BDE\NetDir" once and for all.
(Some applications may however wisely manage their use of NetFile as an independent per session setting avoiding the possible general conflicts about NetDir location.)

For ad hoc changes of default database driver and table level, the BDE Configurator might be the most convenient tool:
unpack, drop and run from anywhere.

BDE - the Borland Database Engine

If using the BDE, first of all you must move the configuration file (usually IDAPI32.CFG) outside the folder C:\Program Files (or equivalent according to your language locale), as Windows from version Vista and onwards will not allow applications storing data in this folder and below or in the C root.
Second, the Paradox NetFile directory also should be directed to some location outside the C root (C:\) or C:\Program Files directory.
If so configured, the BDE still serves trustworthyly even with the later versions of Windows, 32- and 64-bit, as well as Windows 10 (build 16299 = release 1709).
For creating new tables on a Windows system you should use one of the ANSI language drivers, e.g. 'WEurope' ANSI.

You possibly will be successfull running the BDE Administrator in Windows XP compatibility mode and in "As Administrator" mode.

Missing the BDE?

  • Download and run BDE installer:
    (execute installer in "Run as Administrator" mode)
  • Modified BDE installer preventing "Insufficient disk space." error when running SQL on large datasets. IDAPI32.dll modified acc. to Rick Kelly with included BDEKER32.dll. This fully replaces the original installer.